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Digital Data Flow

DDF Community

DDF aims to modernize clinical trials by enabling a digital workflow that allows for automated creation of study content and configuration of study systems to support clinical trial execution.

The DDF community is about working together toward continuous improvement, learning from each other, and sharing information.

GitHub is the open source platform that will be used for community engagement. New to GitHub? Click Getting Started with GitHub for some guidance on accessing and using GitHub.

DDF Community Values

The DDF Community Values provide the foundation for the DDF initiative’s success.

Value Description
Community first We’re here to work together publicly for the common goal of progressing interoperability across the research and development ecosystem.
Be inclusive Be respectful of all viewpoints. Learn from each other. Support our collaboration.
Support innovation Exploring ideas with others makes the community stronger. All thoughts are worthy of discussion. You should feel comfortable sharing any ideas.

Requirements to Contribute and Propose Changes

Before participating, you must acknowledge the Contribution License Agreement (CLA).

To acknowledge the CLA, follow these instructions:

NOTE: Keep a copy for your records.

Code of Conduct

Click here to read the Code of Conduct.

DDF Community Meetings

To support collaboration and idea sharing, a Collaboration Steering Committee (CSC) will facilitate DDF community meetings. The CSC functions as the board and helps drive DDF initiative milestones and priorties.

NOTE: As of May 2022, the DDF initiative is still the process of setting up operations, and will not be hosting DDF community meetings until a later date.