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Digital Data Flow

Introduction to DDF

The initiative will help to modernize clinical trials by enabling a digital workflow to allow for the automated creation of study assets and configuration of study systems to support clinical trial execution. This initiative will establish a foundation for a future state of automated and dynamic readiness that can transform the drug development process.

TransCelerate has collaborated with CDISC and other stakeholders to develop a standard data model for specifying protocol information, as well as a demonstrated way to connect systems that produce, exchange or consume this information.

The important deliverables/activities from this initiative include:

  1. CDISC Unified Study Definitions Model (USDM) and API specifications – the foundational standards to create a common, digital data model and method for exchanging protocol information

  2. Study Definitions Repository (SDR) Reference Implementation and associated source code available in open source – a functioning, example approach to connect systems that produce protocol information with those that consume it to drive study operations – in the form of a reference implementation that stores and facilitates the exchange of protocol information

  3. Engagements with implementers (sponsors, vendors, CROs) who play a critical role in leveraging standards in their software and their protocol digitization approach

Watch a video describing the DDF initiative.

Want to read more about DDF, the objectives, and benefits? Go to DDF Overview.

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